~The Birth of a Mother~


The constellation of Motherhood is quite complex and is filled with many tensions of the opposites, making it an adventurous human experience. It is filled with an identity shift, body-changes, role changes, and encompasses multi-layered physical and psychological changes. Looking at the identity changes, and the psychology of becoming a parent has been primarily untouched terrain in the medical industry until recently where conversations, and better yet, questions are stirring.

The questions are arising about the neurobiological experience of pregnancy and becoming a mother, and the emotional aspects of these many shifts and changes. This has a greater value for new mothers to recognize that their awareness of their own emotional experience can give rise to awareness of their child's emotional states, and thus create healthier parenting.

The primary adjustments that occur in early motherhood are: Changing Family Dynamics, Ambivalence, Fantasy vs. Reality, and Guilt, Shame and "The Good Enough Mother" (Alexandra Sacks, 2017, New York Times, May 8, 2017).

Being mindful that the changes begin once the baby has arrived into the home, and creating a strong social support system for the Mother and the child, as well as strong attachment to the new baby, are optimal strategies to take as the new journey unravels before one's very eyes.

Be well!



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