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Today, I am going to briefly introduce my therapeutic service to Pregnant and recently birthed Mamas, who are going through a period of preparation and initiation into Motherhood. It is a most exciting, and a most change-filled time for everyone in a family when a little person is being prepared, or has recently entered, the earthly realms. This is a fantastic time to reach out and seek additional support from a Post-Partum Doula, Support Groups, and Therapists who specialize in working with new Mommies. The additional support during this initiation period is highly beneficial, and can truly transform the experience from one of complete overwhelm to one of rhythm and flow with the inevitable, and constant changes.

A fantastic resource for Post-Partum Mommies to explore for Resources, Providers and Support groups is: https://postpartumhealthalliance.org/ Please explore this site for more information, and resources in your area.

I host a weekly Therapeutic Process Post-Partum support group in Encinitas, California, every Tuesday from 3:00pm-4:30pm. If you would like more information, please e-mail me at therapistdulcinea@gmail.com I would be honored to have you experience, and be a part of, our sacred Mommy Post-Partum support group. Children 1 & under are welcome to attend with Mamas.

Until next time... Be kind, be gentle, be well.



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